3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Biji Biji

by Afeedah, updated by Gwen Voon

Your current clothes are affordable and trendy, but are they sustainable?



#1 Reducing Your Carbon Footprint


Carbon footprint in clothing accounts for around 3% of global CO2 emissions, including both embodied emissions from the production of clothing, and emissions arising from clothing use (washing, drying, ironing), according to a research done by Carbon Trust. Realistically speaking, we have to accept the fact that combating climate change might not happen overnight when we buy carbon-free clothing. Despite that, we still have the ability in making the right choices when we go for shopping. Now, you might be wondering how do we exactly accomplish that?


Biji Biji products are made from upcycled waste materials such as banners, rejected car seatbelts, vintage kimonos, discarded needle-punch (felt) carpets, and more to come. This way, carbon footprints are reduced as no more production of textiles is needed for making new products. Did you know, households currently throw out 1.17 million tonnes of textiles each year ?



#2 Support the Ethical Fashion Industry


Have you ever paused to look at what you’re wearing? Apart from acknowledging your own sense of style, have you ever thought how your garments were made? To name a few, multinational retailers such as H&M, Zara, and GAP mass produce their products by outsourcing their production to countries with low-wage labour to ensure maximum profits.


Here at Biji Biji, we ensure that our makers are paid fairly ( yay! ). Our products are locally made. Therefore, when you purchase Biji Biji products, rest assured that our team has been paid fairly and you have contributed to our wellbeing.



#3 Our Products are the Ultimate #30Wears


The 30 Wears Campaign was started by Livia Firth, the wife of Colin Firth. To be a part of this campaign, simply ask yourself “ Will I Wear This a Minimum of 30 Times ?” before you buy a piece of clothing. To reach just that, ask again, will it remain in the same condition after the 30th wash?


At Met Gala 2016, Emma Watson donned a dress made from recycled plastic bottles created by Calvin Klein in collaboration with The Green Carpet Challenge. Fret not, you don’t have to purchase from Calvin Klein as the Biji Biji line does the same!


Our Kimono Collection is fully designed using vintage kimonos, which features asymmetrical cuts, oversized shirts and everyday dresses for women who love colours.


Now that you’ve reached the end of our blog post, we hope that you’ve changed your mind towards buying normal, affordable, boring mass-made clothing * yawns *. By buying from Biji Biji, you’re doing a huuuuge favour for Earth, the community, Malaysian local fashion industry, yourself.


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