Reimagining Single-Use Felt: Biji Biji’s Felt Collection

Felt? Sounds familiar, but what is it?

Picture yourself at an event, looking all around. You see your typical event set-up. The stage, the refreshments, the table. The one thing you’re probably not noticing is what you’re standing on. The event venue should be all decked out in a gorgeous theme, with stunning carpets to tie the whole thing together. Yes, that’s what the felt is. Specifically, needle punch felt. Those typically colourful, fuzzy-furry textured carpets you see at your feet during events, is felt. 
Moving on to some technicalities. Felt is essentially pressed and condensed fibres, which completely explains the pulpy feel of the material, like the veins of a mandarin orange. It is commonly described as soft, durable and fashionable (This should be of no surprise as felt often adorns the hallways of grand events.) In addition to all that, the felt dampens vibration, is sound absorbent.

Upcycling Felt Material

Bold in Blue! The gorgeous Anyelir, Alamanda and Alyssa from our Felt Collection!
With all this, the bright minds of Biji Biji put their thinking cap on. Such high-quality material used in abundance for one day events and tossed away to the dumps right after? Sounds like potential to us. Thus, with creative innovation and an intricate experimentation process, our felt collection was born! You might be thinking, “Is Biji Biji insane? How can I buy a product made out of material that has been stepped and trodded on for hours, it’s unsanitary!” Well, worry not. We only use the Felt that has been left clean and essentially, untouched. For example, the carpets under stage floors or the areas where large sculptures stand. 
Biji Biji works together with the Malaysian Association Of Convention & Exhibition Organizers & Suppliers (MACEOS) to obtain these clean carpets after events. Once in our possession, the carpets undergo our upcycling process to be transformed into our functional and fashionable felt products. No longer sadly tossed away into the dark abyss of our landfills.

A-Z of Biji Biji’s Felt Collection 

Prior to now, Biji Biji’s Felt Collection has only been available in our Business-to-Business Corporate Gifts CatalogueHowever, fret not! They are currently online for general purchase. Now you can style a felt bag for yourself while supporting an ethical fashion brand. This also makes you a participant of repurposed fashion, as you contribute to reducing the waste materials that pile up our mountainous dumpsites. Be the change with your next purchase! 

Pouch Bags

i. Seripagi Pouch Bag

Stunning Seripagi Bags!
The Seripagi has a gorgeously sleek and slim outlook, and is on the relatively larger-sized end of the spectrum - thus making it perfect for those who have lots of little items to carry around but want to maintain a classy style. Perfect to transport your necessities, whilst having room to breathe (and fit more items if you want!) - the Seripagi is your everyday go-to and can be utilised as a makeup bag, toiletries bag or even as a pencil case! Versatile and funky, it’s one to look out for!
ii. Alyssa Pouch Bag

The Alyssa Pouch Bags, ready to hold your tiny items! 
An adorable mini bag that has a boxy structure,  the Alyssa Pouch is great for carrying and organizing those little miscellaneous trinkets and items that don’t have a home. Neatly packed in a sturdy little form, this case can also serve as your grab-and-go pouch bag for when you want to carry tiny essentials like your phone charger or keys or even lipstick and blush!
iii. Anyelir and Alamanda Pouch Bag

The  Anyelir Pouch in black, a classic shade for every day use!



The  Alamanda Pouch Bag, perfect for multipurpose use! 
Spacious and versatile, both these pouch bags have a lengthier looking outlook with a roomy interior. Perfect for multipurpose use, the Anyelir and Alamanda can hold a large number of items and can be a pouch for anything, it’s all subject to your intention and imagination. It could be a pencil case (that even fits the bulky scientific calculator!), a travelling kit, a charging cable holder. The possibilities are honestly endless! Definitely one to look out for. 

Tote Bags

i. Melur Tote Bag

Melur Totesturdy in form!
Sturdy and strong, the Melur tote resembles the ideal bag for daily use. It has a very chic look that can instantly amp up a simple everyday style. It is a good size for carrying around on busy days and can easily fit your essentials like phone and wallet while leaving a good amount of space to chuck other things in as you go about your day. It can even function as a small grocery bag too! A fashionable one at that. 

Clutch Bags

i. Clover Clutch Bag/Folder

The Clover Clutch+Folder - a 2 in 1!
Uniquely elegant, the Clover Clutch has a classy and stylish form that can pair well with a formal or smart-casual outfit. It is the perfect piece to up your look on lazy days as well. This impressive clutch even doubles as a folder for your documents! It is a good size for A4 documents, enclosing them in a clutch that gives your papers a fashionable home.


Intrigued by the Biji Biji Felt Collection and want to browse around and discover more options? Drop by our online store for an in-depth look into each product!