How Does the Biji Biji Bag Hold Up?
By: Aisyah Arifin and Supriya Sivabalan

His Biji Biji Bag 

Who’s to say that the classic sling bag is only fancied by girls? The Biji Biji bags know no gender, race or creed as proven by our ex-intern, Ardi, who rocks it with his unique sense of style! Ardi worked with us in the Ethical Fashion department back in 2017. In the beginning, he started with simple tasks like arranging stock and tagging. 
After familiarising himself with Biji Biji and what we do, Ardi started to get involved in the production of kimono garments for our Biji Biji X Nakakoma Orimono collection and also participated in Biji Biji events and booths where we showcase our stunning collections. By the end of it, “basically anything related to the fashion team I had to take part in some sort of way!”, Ardi mentioned. 
With the enriching experience at Biji Biji in hand, Ardi ventured off to do his own thing. Currently, he is experimenting with textile production and trying different methods of his own. 
Ardi’s sling bag is one of the samples that was made by Biji Biji designers 3 years ago. These designers include Maatin Shakir - a self-taught shoe designer who always has the urge to give back to community and the environment, Elaine Hong, co-founder of Enya Malaysia - a personal care company with the vision to provide quality care to women everywhere ; who used to work with us at Biji Biji and even Ardi himself! (granted, he was pur fashion design intern)
Ardi mentions that he usually uses his Biji Biji bag for events or when he only needs to carry his essentials around due to the bag’s concise structure. It serves its purpose well, goes with all of his outfits and stands out due to its unconventional material. Plus! It’s upcycled fashion and ethically made. There’s nothing but ups when you consider the Biji Biji bag. 

ardi bag

Ardi rocking his Biji Biji sling bag

Repaired and Refreshed!

After frequent use, Ardi noticed that the strap in the middle of the bag was fraying and eventually encountered a little bit of tear. Ardi then sought for our master maker’s assistance when the issue was realised. All customers are entitled to free repairs and maintenance dating 1 year from the day of purchase. So, Ardi did not fret when the bag displayed some damage.
“The process of contacting Biji Biji to consult the in-house maker, Ashfaq, for the repair was quite easy”. All he did was dropped it off at the production centre in Publika. After a few short days, Ardi was informed that the repair was complete and all he had to do was drop by Publika once again to collect his freshly altered bag. So simple, and the bag’s strap was brand new - all in a blink of an eye! How cool is that? 

Ardi’s sling bag pictured on 10 Feb 2020, still looking as fresh as when he first got it 3 years ago!
Ardi says that all his Biji Biji bags remain the same since the day he bought them. If you’re interested to get yourself a sling bag from our seat belt collection, there are a few options currently available on our website!

1 Year of Free Repairs

Upon purchase of any Biji Biji bag, you are entitled to a whole year’s worth of free repairs. Given the durability (Link to durability articles) of our collections, this should not be a concern to any of our bag owners. However, should you encounter any issues with the purchase, we are always ready to assist you, hassle-free! Terms and conditions apply. 

If you're a proud owner of a Biji Biji seat belt bag, do take note of the maintenance services that Biji Biji offers by visiting our Warranty & Free Repairs page