Biji Biji Banner Collection is Back by Popular Demand!
By: Supriya Sivabalan
From being hung around as promotional material, we renew the conventional perspective of the single, monotonous purpose of tarpaulin banners at Biji Biji. We consider the typically discarded banner material a fresh canvas of new possibilities - thus the idea sparked. Banner products! The banner bags were one of the first ever products that was created under Biji-biji Initiative! Coming up as one of our bestsellers alongside the classic seat belt collection, Biji Biji (now branched out under Biji-biji Initiative) created a whole line of banner products. It was a hit but sometime last year, Biji Biji’s banner products were taken offline and reserved only for our Business-to-business Corporate Gifts Catalogue.
Good news for our banner bag enthusiasts! They’re back for sale online now!
Biji Biji banner products consist of a wide range of items that never in your wildest dreams would you have considered to create using BANNER material. It’s highly-resistant material can withstand rain, heat, strong winds, and has a beautiful shiny finish to it. Perfect for upcycling into gorgeous products, which is exactly what we did! Through innovation and experimentation, Biji Biji successfully revolutionised banner functionality - thus bringing the practice of upcycling to newer heights. Each and every product is unique as no two designs are the same. 
Here is your A-Z guide of all the banner products available at Biji Biji: 
1. Groceries Bag
Designed specially to hold a good load of groceries, the Lantana Groceries Bag is perfect for your weekly (or even monthly!) shopping as it has a roomy form alongside a strong base that provides great structure and support to keep the items from your grocery list safe.
Lantana Groceries Bag ready for your weekly shop!

2. Pouch Bags

Coming in several styles, Biji Biji has come up with a number of different pouch bags for those of you who are detailed-oriented and want the perfect size pouch for ease and convenience. 
Small pouch bags 
    To hold those pesky little coins and little miscellaneous paraphernalia, these slender-formed pouch bags are at your service. With a clean single zip, you can be sure your precious little goods are secured in our banner based pouches. 

    Adalia, Azalea  and Azarina Pouch Bags! More pouch bag options are available on our website 

    The Kekwa Pouch Bag - simply adorable
    Long pouch bags 
      These pouches, like all our other products, have a multipurpose feature. Upon first glance, it’s structure brings to mind many items that can be organized using the pouches. It is suitable to hold a good amount of stationery for students, can be used to neatly store your electronic wires, acts as a good make-up bag and is also a good size for travel products! Honestly, the sky's the limit when it comes to them. 

      The Gerbera Pouch - chic and sleek!

      3. Folders 

      Our folders currently come in 3 styles. All suiting different needs and occasions, these folders are quirky, unique and can even be considered elegant! (see: Pagoda Clutch Folder). Perfect to host flatter items like documents or paperwork and keep them looking crisp and fresh!

      The Pagoda Clutch - Elegance with tarpaulin banners, who would have thought?

      The Iris Folder - spark up your school/office items!


      4. Passport Holder 
        Travel sustainably with our upcycled passport holders that come in a range of designs, curated carefully to meet the measurements of a standard passport. Stand out from the crowd! 

        Quince Passport Holder ready to revolutionize airport fashion

        Intrigued by our banner collection? Check out the varying styles available for general purchase on our website!