The Story of Banner Man

Biji-biji Ethical Fashion's very own superhero championing urban waste Management in Kuala Lumpur.

Our very first project was to make VIP door gifts on a budget, so our smart solution was to make a multi-functional bag that could be transformed into a vertical garden for your home to grow plants.

This was an opportunity for Biji-biji to spread the message of sustainable living throughout Kuala Lumpur - from our humble residence in Harmony 1 (at that time Biji-biji HQ was only a small condo!) The Banner Man was born when he went into a lucid dream after working too hard in the day designing using banners and in his dream he got hit with a banner.

Banner Man was created as a mascot to demonstrate Biji-biji’s efforts to upcycle banners into useful products that last long, thereby escaping the landfill and prolonging the life cycle of the products. We want people to alter people’s conception of waste.