Fearless With the Durability of Biji Biji Bags
By: Supriya Sivabalan
Inga is no ordinary mother and wife, given the incredible number of journeys she has embarked on. Do not be fooled by her adorable mannerisms as she served in the Russian military as a nurse for some time. Inga has picked up a multitude of skills throughout her life including woodworking, sewing, crafts, cooking (splendidly at that!), aerial dancing and even used to perform in circus!  
Hailing from Russia, Inga’s family life primarily revolves around travelling and volunteering in different countries. We first met Inga when she came to volunteer with us back in 2015. This is when she first got a glimpse of our gorgeous pouch bag and fell head over heels for it! “After we finished the volunteering service at Biji Biji, I bought this pouch bag!”, she claimed excitedly. Since then, Inga has been back a total  6 of times. Inga, her husband Max and their son, Dennis are our extended Biji Biji family. They say that they will make sure to visit Malaysia at least once every year!

Zoe With her Bag

Inga with her 5-year-old Biji Biji pouch bag!
This picture was taken when she came back to visit us recently as Inga took some time off from her teaching position in Xingyi, Guangzhou during the CNY holidays. Inga and her family are headed to Alaska this year, and we look forward to getting a picture of her pouch with some beautiful Alaskan scenery!
The pouch that Inga owns has gone through some upgrades over the years and is currently available in four colours which can be viewed here.
Our gorgeous Anggerik Pouch Bag in Black


The Anggerik Pouch Bag in B&W - the perfect dual coloured pouch

Stunning little details on our Anggerik Pouch in Brown!


This was roughly a good 4-5 years ago as Inga recalls her volunteering experience to happen back in 2015-2016. Imagine that! A bag from that long ago and Inga says she still uses it every day. “Sometimes I use it as a wallet, sometimes as a formal bag.” Talk about versatility. “It’s a comfortable enough size that I can hold my cash in it, but it’s also so nice with a cocktail dress!”

Up close & personal: The gorgeous and ever-versatile seat belt material 
In terms of long time usage, Inga is absolutely pleased with how beautifully the pouch bag has held up over the years. She loves the minimalistic design of the pouch and its incredible durability. The bag’s sturdy seat belt material provides her with confidence and comfort as it acts as good security for her personal belongings.

Seamlessly sewn; the hardy seat belt material transformed into a beautiful pouch bag!
When it comes to bag maintenance, Inga mentioned that she has cleaned it a couple of times. “Sometimes I use a toothbrush, and other times I just put it in the washing machine and forget about it.” Even though it’s gone through machine washes, Inga’s bag still looks brand new and shows no sign of discolouration. Do be reminded that Biji Biji does not recommend using a washing machine to clean your bags. A simple wipe with the cloth is the safest way to keep your bags clean. The flexibility and ease of caring for her pouch bag has made it very convenient for Inga and this bag still remains a classic piece in her everyday wardrobe. 

 All smiles from the happy customer and her beloved pouch bag


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