Championing Durability and Sustainability with Biji Biji
By: Supriya Sivabalan
She is no stranger to the people here at Biji Biji as Zoe Victoria is in fact, one of the co-founders of Biji-biji Initiative!  Being part of the pioneering batch, Zoe is one of the first few who have been involved in the production of Biji Biji bags from the very start. “From the first prototype we tried to hot glue together until what it has grown into today!” 
Zoe has been actively using her Biji Biji bags for years now and owns several pieces across various collections including the Peony Tote bag, Lilac Sling Bag and Camelia Clutch.  
To put into perspective, here’s a timeline of Zoe’s beloved bags:

A brief timeline of Zoe's Biji Biji bags - the Lilac, Camelia and Peony!
Her current favourite is the gorgeous black and white Peony which still looks brand new after 1 whole year - with daily use at that! “Even when I have an event, I still use Biji Biji bags. Occasionally, I will change my bags (between the 3 she owns), but yeah, I have no other bags than seat belt bags!”, Zoe excitedly announced. 

Zoe and her Black and White Peony
Zoe says that all her bags look completely clean and show little to NO wear and tear at all! “It’s simply amazing! Especially when you compare it to fabric materials.” In terms of cleaning the bag’s exterior, Zoe just uses a brush to dust off dirt. However, she has so much confidence in the bags that sometimes she just tosses them into the washing machine! :O And it worked for her! The fabric doesn’t deteriorate nor did the colour run. Super impressive! However, please be reminded that Biji Biji does not recommend using a washing machine to clean your bags. A simple wipe with the cloth is the safest way to keep your bags clean.

Zoe's current favourite - The Black and White Peony Tote Bag
“Because it’s of seat belt material, we all KNOW how durable it is. I mean it is made to save lives, so you can be sure of its sturdiness.” Zoe said. In fact, Zoe’s mom owns some of the earliest versions of the seat belt bag dating all the way back to 7-8 years ago and she STILL uses it till today. “NO wear and tear!”
The timeless design of the bags alongside its multifunctional use and exceptional durability makes the Biji Biji bags perfect for a minimalistic and sustainable wardrobe. Zoe says she has never and probably will never get tired of the classy designs of her bags. They are fabulous introductory pieces to dabble into if you’re starting out your journey into slow fashion.