Corporate Gifts

Each year, businesses spend hundreds thousands of ringgit on promotional items, corporate gifts, door gifts, employee appreciation tokens, and holiday gift=giving. These expenses, while being an expensive spend, rarely distinguishes one business from the other - as most businesses turn to generic, mass-produced, low quality and short=lived products. At Biji-biji Ethical Fashion, you now have an alternative choice! Gift your jetsetting clients, partners and peers with these practical corporate gifts, and remind them the beneficial friendships they've made whilst on their journey.

We use of quality materials in from waste to make unique gifts for your marketing/ promotional/ gifting needs. These waste can come from your waste pile too.

All products are locally made in Malaysia with absolute care for the environment, by employees that earn fair wages.

Our high quality, long-lasting and unique gifts are one that your recipient will actually proudly carry as its designed to be suitable for daily use.

Our Best Selling Corporate Gift Items

Kamperfuli Multi-purpose Pouch

A corporate gift that's personal yet unisex. This is a pouch that your recipient will use for years to come. We can add your own branding either on a woven label or an engraved metal plate.

Mimosa Coin Pouch

This pyramid shaped pouch is designed with a zip and provides room to store keys, coins or
earphones. Just the right size to stash it into your bag and to bring it home with!

Iris Document Holder

Iris Banner Document holder is a perfect fit for all your printed collateral - you can now easily pack all collateral and share with your participants. You can also use your own banners.

Selasih Envelope Clutch

Another classic favorite VIP Corporate Gift, especially for speakers. This clutch fits a tablet and other meeting necessaries, This is a unisex design as well.

Merak Tote Bag

This square shaped Banner Tote Bag
has an open top with large top carry
handles. Perfect to replace your conference bags. Upcycle your old banners into tote bags.

Lantana Grocery Bag

Lantana Banner Groceries Bag is fully lined with a square open top and top carry handles. This reusable shopping bag is collapsible. Right size for your shopping needs.

Bulk Order Discount

Corporate Gifts Catalogue

We offer discounts according to the order quantity placed. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 10 units. We provide product customisation and branding services to make your products more unique and personal. Our discount range is as follow:

  • 10 pcs - 100 pcs = 10% discount

  • 101 pcs - 250 pcs = 15% discount

  • 251 pcs - 500 pcs = 20% discount

  • 501 pcs - 1000 pcs = 25% discount

  • 1001 pcs & above = 30% discount

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